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Middle eastern countries of the senses, enchants you with the tastes, aromas and sounds of oriental music ...

Traditional Middle eastern cuisine has developed through centuries as it is the oldest and richest cuisine in the world offering fine delicacies through a wide variety of quality materials (vegetables, legumes and meats). The main occupation of Syrian women has always been their household, as well as cooking to provide their family with delicious and nutritious food. As a result, through thousands of years of experience, an enviable cuisine has been created with countless recipes, giving at the same time, oriental notes of the Middle eastern culture.

Middle eastern  mezedes, tempting oriental sweets, handmade mastic ice cream with grated pistachios compose  the Authentic Middle eastern cuisine. Undoubtedly, the smell of green apples from the hookahs, the belly dancer and the oriental atmosphere spread across completes this unique trip to the depths of the East.

 Sawa  is the oldest Middle eastern restaurant in Cyprus, which first introduced the "hookah culture". The island's inhabitants have embraced and continue to support it all these years.

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Are you looking for delicious Syrian food in Larnaca?

You can order dishes of your choice or directly the meze set.
The recipes have been adapted according to the experience of our chefs to meet your taste requirements. The traditional chicken souvlaki, the lamb kebab, the specially marinated fillets, the potatoes sautéed in paprika sauce, also many other dishes that you will find with us, remain famous and adored.
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